Friday, December 28, 2007

Think "Green," Think "No Cost Energy," Think "Sustainable," Think "Smart,"
Think "SOLAR" for all your hot water
heating needs

The High-Tech Vacuum Tube Solar Water Heater is a product that will surprise, amaze, and impress you. It produces identically hot water as conventional heaters but without any energy cost. It is the ideal answer to supplying all of your hot water needs at your seasonal residence, and in fact can even save money for you if it is installed as a parallel or "pre-heating" system to a conventional hot water system in a permanent residence.

The Sunshower High Tech Solar Water Heater:

Provides FREE "Shower-Hot" Water for 72 Hours without sun

Is Energy Conserving--SAVES Costly Propane and Electricity

Is Environmentally Friendly--NO Pollution, NO Noisy Generators, FREE Sustainable Energy Source

Is Convenient and Safe--FREE Hot Water always awaiting your Cottage arrival!

Is Effective and Efficient from May to October
According to the Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy Clearinghouse of the US Department of Energy, vacuum tube type collectors, (the type distributed by Sunshower International Limited) utilize the most effective and efficient technology available.


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solarusa said...

Solar thermal energy is an environmentally friendly way to heat water and your home as water pumps etc. It can use collection tanks that uses solar energy to heat water in storage tanks or solar walls that warm building. These systems reduces electrical and gas bills.