Thursday, December 20, 2007

An Outdoor Shower Idea

No Room Inside?

How about a


to add a Whimsy Outdoorsy Ambience
to the Cottage Atmosphere!

The Whimsy Outdoor
Shower Shack

Helen in Shower Shack
to show scale

The 5 ft. X 5 ft. project is simply four 12 foot 4 X 4 Pressure Treated Timbers supported on deck blocks. The sides are enclosed by 5 foot Pressure Treated fence boards to allow for the installation of a full-sized bathtub if desired and the roof is clear corrugated fibreglass roofing panels to allow for plenty of light. The unit provides hot and cold water to both the cottage located nearby and to the shower pictured. Since there is no available electrical power, the water pressure for pressurized water delivery to the taps is produced by installing a small DC (car battery--deep discharge) powered pump (Canadian Tire Product Number 1X62-3568-4) on the outflow from the water heater. The hot water lines are dishwasher hose and cold water lines are garden hose. This one-pump system is plumbed to power as many water taps as you have. In this case the water is pumped from the lake up to the plastic barrel "cisterns" using a gas pump where it gravity feeds into the water heater. The cold water flow into the heating system is controlled by a "Tee'd" pipe rising above the cistern level from the tank outflow which stops the water flow when water levels in the "control" pipe reach the height of the water in the cisterns as "water seeks its own level". This is more fully detailed in the plumbing diagram included in the "MORE INFORMATION" Archives.

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